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☕️ Our Favorite Coffee Shops!

I dream of moments like these, sitting in the most perfect coffee shop, with the most perfect person, experiencing the most perfect day! Everywhere that we travel as a family we always make sure to stop at a local coffee shop. We’ve even taught our kids to enjoy coffee shops growing up.

No we’re not talking about your Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, or other corporate coffee companies. (Unless we’re doing a long road trip, Haha!) This means coffee places that roast their own coffee or have a local supplier. Businesses that are owned by locals that live in and love their communities. Places where you know you’re going to get the best experience and amazing connections with great coffee, food, and people. Also, I have a passion for latte art! For me, beautiful artistry just tops off one of my favorite experiences on the planet. You can’t go wrong with coffee, a cookie, and great company!

At home a few years ago, we decided to invest in a certain latte machine on our family gift list. Seeing as we loved coffee so much and refused to spend $5 plus on a latte everyday. This machine is called the Phillips 3200 Latte Go. We use it everyday, sometimes twice a day. This particular machine is fully automatic. Although I want to learn the art of the latte by hand, the functionality of having it fully automatic makes a great addition to my busy life.

Coffee for Kodi and I brings a lot of joy. We love the art of food, but we are also always on the hunt for the most perfect coffee shop. Kodi and I have grown to enjoy a good dark roast that has come from years of brewing. Grab yourself a warm mug of freshly brewed coffee, smell the aroma, sweeten and cream it up how you like it, and then find a comfy corner and enjoy!

We wanted to include a list of some of our favorite local coffee places we visited throughout the years of travel. 👇🏻 (not in any specific order)

  1. La Colombe Coffee Roasters New York, NY
    (When we went years ago it was a great local find in NYC. It since has gone national, and you can find them in most major cities)
  2. George Howell Coffee Boston, MA
    (We stopped in the Boston Public Market and had a delicious flat white like none other. Have several locations in and around the Boston metro area.)
  3. Perq Coffee Bar Sarasota, FL
    (This place is a local gem. We go when we can. Strong smooth flavor that has received local and national recognition.)
  4. Kahwa Coffee Roasters St. Petersburg, FL
    (Multiple locations in and around the greater Tampa Bay region that we frequent often.)
  5. Blue Bottle Coffee Boston, MA
    (A quick stop when exploring the city of Boston. We fell in love! Their company is also global with shops in California, East Coast U.S., Japan, and China)
  6. Das Kaffee Haus Blue Ridge, GA
    (Owned and operated by a Bavarian gentleman bringing european style coffee to the mountains of north Georgia.)
  7. Compass Coffee Washington D.C.
    (Since going to D.C. we have been here each and every time for our morning cup. Very very good, especially before walking around the National Mall. We always bring home a pound of these beans too.)
  8. Maker Coffee Sofia, NC
    (An organization we love “Cageless Birds” roasts their own coffee in the woods of North Carolina. It’s extremely good!! You can find their coffee at shops around central NC, but you can also ship it to you home which is what we do. Please do yourself a favor and Absolutely order!)
  9. Aroma Joe’s Saco, ME
    (We did a drive-thru while visiting Maine a few years ago and really loved their iced coffee. Since, we learned this Maine favorite has locations all over New England and now a couple in Florida!)
  10. Cohesive Coffee Greenville, SC
    (Off the path closer to the airport in Greenville. Warehouse brick feel with modern open space. Owner was so great and knew his coffee!! They use a local roast of coffee we really loved from Asheville, NC Cooperative Coffee Roasters)
  11. Crema Nashville, TN
    (If you’ve been to Music city…..then this doesn’t need a description. Its that good!!)
  12. The Frothy Monkey Nashville, TN
    (Kodi used to live in Nashville years ago and frequented this place often. Small cabin type feel with one of the best lattes you can get in the city)
  13. Fido Nashville, TN (A coffee shop run by Bongo Java that not only includes a fresh delicious cup but the food is superb!)

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