About Us

Life is busy, life is fast, and life is beautiful! Our home is a place we treasure and desire to create memories that we are proud of. We are constantly striving to slow things down as we see our two amazing kids growing up faster than we can imagine. The kitchen table is a place for food, family, and fellowship with those you love. Join us, the Sells family, as we prepare food that we are proud to serve to our loved ones and to you our new friends.

​Our food faves usually have a healthy twist to them, but of course life always has its moments for indulging. Kodi and I have had a love for food and cooking ever since we met in 2005. I have tended to be the conventional “what can we cook that is yummy and fast” kind of cook to get dinner on the table, while he was the more adventurous one. Kodi would always be the cook from scratch and bread making kind of guy. I have come a long way as our kids have grown a bit. Now we prepare recipes together that feed the family and the soul.

Weight control is very important to us as we learn our bodies and eat what keeps us healthy. We will be including modified versions in some our recipes that have all the indulgence but not the consequences. We know how important it is to feed our bodies and family well.

​Kodi grew up in an all American family and enjoyed all that it had to offer. He lived in Wyoming with his mother, who always orders the best food at restaurants and never fails in the kitchen. She makes the most delicious authentic Mexican enchiladas, chicken parm, and Midwestern noodles you’ve ever tried! We are sure you will see these recipes come to life soon. His summers were spent at his father’s home enjoying home cooking. He grew up with chili slow cooking all day and long scenic drives that included a stop for root beer floats on the way. His food inspiration is everything! To him there are no borders. Every family vacation we embark on becomes a food tour from Kodi. It’s just in his blood, the passion and love for food. Being creative in the kitchen is a beautiful part of life for him. The most important part for him is the smile on your face when you try it.

I grew up in a very international family. I was born in Bradford, England where my father and mother met. My Colombian mother is the heart of our family and always brought a lot of flavor to her food. Her chicken and rice, or should I say, “arroz con pollo,” was always a treat. It was never complicated but it was simple and colorful. Implementing convenient store bought items and natural herbs and spices kept her dishes achievable and a no-fail go to. My father was not always the cook of the family but has an undercover cooking talent. When he did cook you would never be disappointed. He understands what goes with what and never skimps on the butter, which everyone thoroughly enjoys! His barbecue skills with steaks and chicken thighs are a family favorite. My food inspiration is food that is achievable, delicious, beautiful, and infused with as much flavor as possible. I will always opt for healthier ingredients without sacrificing flavor.

​We now live in Sarasota, Florida and are a family of four just like most. We have tons of dreams and many goals. Kodi spends his days instructing vocal and piano lessons. I am an RN at a very busy pediatric office. Our desire is to travel, spend more time together, and be less busy. We want to inspire the love of God through our lives and in others, and we are devoted to living a life that represents Jesus Christ in every way. Jointly, we are the worship leaders at our church and feel a passion to increase our ministry. Always dreaming of more freedom and more time to give towards the things we love. This Simply Sells Kitchen adventure is an inspired idea that we really feel excited about. We hope that you will enjoy what we bring to the table (total pun intended)! We want to help make you smile and hope that you will share us with those that have the same goals and passions. Our family promises to work hard for you to encourage memories around the table with those you love.

​Looking forward to a delicious journey with you!

The Sells Family