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Feeling tired of all this…

I am not usually one to complain, but it’s exhausting seeing all the tragedy happening in the world right now. I am sure everyone is thinking, “I can’t wait for it all to go back to normal.” 

Some nights Kodi and I turn on the news to just keep informed of current events but it seems to be the same story every single night. Stories of Covid-19 cases increasing, Florida being a Covid-19 hot zone, someone murdered, or someone bad-mouthing the President. As if the news isn’t enough, in social media we hear of people boycotting products or restaurants because they support certain political viewpoints. The world really seems to have gone mad.

Here is how you change your outlook: You start making declarations! You can even do it out loud. For us who have faith in God, we can place our trust in something greater than ourselves! Each day we can ask the Lord to move mountains! I can declare that all things work together for my good because I love the Lord! Through faith, I know that the victory is now for those who trust God and have the authority given by Jesus to walk in a different way and mindset. I get to pour out this faith everywhere I go because I have all the power of heaven in me and because I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. These declarations can really bring a whole new level of peace during this time of living through the pandemic. I was once asked how I can trust in something I can’t see. My answer was and is that it is scarier to not have trust and faith in God! At least I don’t have to worry about tomorrow and I’m able to keep peace in my heart. To quote my pastor, “Denying that there is a God is like denying my own existence!”

I am not a bible scholar or teacher, just a wife and mom who reads her bible. I do have enough knowledge and wisdom in me from the Holy Spirit to know that when things are looking the way they are in the world today, you better know where you are placing your faith. 

This blog is to let you know that God has a plan for you today. As the world keeps heading in the direction it is, we get to know a father who knows the beginning from the end. I had a vision the other day of when Jesus (just like in the Gospels) was speaking to the crowds about the Kingdom of Heaven. In that moment when He was speaking, He was speaking to all of them but also speaking past the confines of time and space and speaking directly to me and you. I saw His eyes staring at me. He was sharing like an open portal the knowing of secrets of how God’s Kingdom works. He is a God of truth, justice, and purity. He will never fail you. In Matthew 13 in the bible, Jesus spoke about the fact that if you are good soil, then you would have much seed planted in you and you will have fruit in your life. The openness of your heart and response to receive the Gospel is the soil in which truths that He wants to share with you can bloom. Don’t be shallow soil and don’t be shaky, be deep soil that is ready to receive and respond to what He has for you. I hope this blog isn’t coming across to you as harsh or strong. 

Normally I don’t feel to post about such deep topics; however, I want this to be an encouragement and uplifting blog about finding joy in life when there seems to be no joy around. It’s how my family and I live day to day and how we don’t give into worry. I thank you for taking the time to read this, and I pray and hope that you find joy as well.

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  • Augast Rose

    Hello my lady ,
    I love your blog . I couldn’t agree more !
    Thank you for your uplifting message .
    Keep them coming !
    Peace And Joy be wIth you and your family and with our Nation 🇺🇸 !
    God bless you

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