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Coming out of quarantine!

I asked Alexa, “What’s the weather today?” She said, ” 83 degrees with a low of 68 and sunny, Have a great day!” So with that information and no rain, this curly haired girl turned her flat iron on and straightened hair. Sometimes we just need information to move forward in making decisions. With the states recommendations we were going to see our church congregation tonight. With the state’s regulations laid out, churches were all coming out of quarantine.

With social distancing in place we navigated through it, and, I must say a new congregation has been birthed. I spoke and declared over the congregation that they are to be bold. That as they seek the Lord and go before Him in Praise, He has already gone before them and leading them and is leading the way, and that the revelation of who they are will be realized. They were to walk in power, its a gift from God! I may have been bold to say it but I felt it would be insult not to receive the words. Some hugged , some didn’t. But what I know is that this “new normal” has arrived. What a great service!

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